A Must Read For Cottage Owners
Who Are Thinking Of
Renting Out Their Cottages.

As a cottage owner, are you visiting this page because you are tired of dealing with the mega-rental companies like Airbnb, Canada Stays, Home Away and VRBO who have invaded the Canadian cottage rental market? Are you tired of being told that your listing is free and then having to pay their hidden fees while you do all the work? Are you tired of having their renters not being respectful of your cottage? These are just a few of the complaints which we hear and read about on a daily basis. That's the bad news. The good news is that you are on our web site and we are ready to solve all those problems professionally. We are WRD Cottage Rental Agency -
The most trusted cottage rental agency since 1995.

Dear Cottage Owner,

More and more cottage owners are looking at cottage rental as a way to defray expenses.
If you are reading this page and you own a cottage, you know how expensive your cottage can be.  There always seems to be things that need repair, or furniture that needs to be replaced, or docks that need work, taxes to be paid, mortgages that need attention and the list goes on and on.  You are not alone, everyone who owns a cottage needs some financial assistance from time to time and this is the very reason that cottage rental is becoming so popular.

When you think of cottage rental, there are 3 routes that you can go ...

1) You can rent to family and friends.
2) You can advertise your cottage in the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail or on-line through Kijiji.
3) Or you can have WRD Cottage Rental handle the rental process.

It is interesting to note that a lot of owners hate to rent to family and friends because (we have heard this so many times), "family and friends are the worst renters we have ever had".  So what better way to handle this situation than to be able to say that "the cottage is handled by an agency and it is now out of our hands".

If you advertise your cottage yourself, you will have people calling you all hours of the day and night asking about your cottage and there is the expense of advertising which can get rather costly if you are using a major newspaper.

As a rental agency which has been in business for 25 years with outstanding growth in the past 20 years, we know the cottage rental business and we must be doing things right to experience this kind of growth. 

In all honesty, I don't envy your position of trying to pick the right method of marketing your cottage because there is a plethora of cottage rental agencies out there who claim to be the very best and only charge a few dollars to list with them. Well, the bottom line is, "you get what you pay for". If you pay $100-$200 to list your cottage on a web site, you are going to end up doing all the work, guaranteed.  
So why is it wise to have WRD Cottage Rental Agency represent your property?

Here are a few compelling reasons ...

You never hear or come in contact with the renter unless you want to. (that's good)

* We will get you more for your cottage than you would renting it out yourself. (most important)

* We handle the rental transaction from beginning to end. (no hassle, no money, transfers, no worry about contracts with the renters, no calls from renters, we do it all.)

* We accept all major credit cards. (most important)

* We know how to professionally screen the rental applicants. (Most important, indeed vital)

* We handle all problems that occur during the rental. (our lines are open 24/7 and all after hours calls are routed to the agency owner's residence or that of the agency General Manager) WE ARE NEVER CLOSED !!!

* Payment to you the owner is guaranteed as we receive the full rental amount prior to the arrival of the renter. (no delays in payments)*

* The owner of WRD Cottage Rental Agency is a professional photographer and the web site designer. As such we publish to the internet on a daily and sometime hourly basis to ensure the accuracy and
relevancy of the information on our web site. Other agencies can take a week or more to make changes to your web page.

* The agency is open
5 days a week, Monday to Friday during winter with the exception of statutory holidays.  During the busy spring and summer period we are open 6 days a week from 9 to 5. In other words we are totally committed to doing the very best job for you and our rental clients throughout the year.

* The agency is fully computerized and able to take calls 24/7 via, phone, fax and

* Another important point is that over 60% of our business is repeat business. Repeat business only happens when there is a happy customer. Visit our testimonial page, the e-mails on that page are as received, guaranteed.

* We do not rent to teenagers and we are very very careful of the 20 to 30 year old party crowd.

* And last but certainly not least, cottage rental is the only thing we do at WRD Cottage Rental.
The entire staff lives in cottage country. We are not real estate agents, we are not interested in renting out bed and breakfasts, RV's, trailer parks, commercial space or apartments. We are not building contractors, we operate only in Ontario. We work, live, eat and sleep cottage rental. We are central Ontario's Cottage Rental Authority and as such we are passionate about what we do. In addition, when you list with WRD, your cottage will also be listed on other web sites who we have a partnership with.

The process of listing your property with our agency is painless and will take less than an hour.  The process is as follows ...

* We visit your cottage.
* An agreement is signed for us to represent your property in the marketplace.
* We take a full set of pictures of your cottage.
* We design your web page and publish your web page to the internet within a few days of visiting your cottage.

* You tell us what weeks are available for rental.
* Our mandate is to then find suitable and qualified renters for your property.

Having said all of this, timing is most important.  This year the booking season started for this coming summer way back in mid October.  The demand for quality cottages is far greater than the availability so our regular customers are coming to us earlier than ever before to ensure that they find the very best cottage for their family.

Therefore, the time to plan your entry into the cottage rental market is during the summer and early fall of the previous year.  Having said this however, we do take on new cottages throughout the year.   In addition it is most important for us to have summer pictures of your cottage before the leaves depart in the fall. Needless to say, a winter picture of your cottage is not good on our summer web pages.

In Summary

To list your cottage for rental, call us as soon as you can and at your convenience we will visit your cottage, take the pictures needed, design your web page and then go about our business of finding suitable, appropriate, qualified renters for your cottage.  We await your call and thank you for giving our agency due consideration.



Kashagawigamog Lake
Six years ago we purchased a cottage with the intention of renting it and chose WRD Cottage Rental to represent us. We are happy to say that we have been fully rented each and every summer as well as many winter rentals. We have been so pleased with the performance and service we receive from WRD that we have just purchased another rental cottage, and with the help of WRD we are confident it too will be a success!"

Soyers Lake
"We would like to thank you so much for all your assistance and professionalism during the last
8 years. Your clients have been respectful of our properties and over the years we have had a chance to meet some lovely people who have stayed in our cabins. You run a first rate service with a friendly staff and we appreciated working with you all."